Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten Ideas From The Occupy Wall Street Movement

by Stephanie J. Gilley

1) Get money out of Politics by first overturning Citizens United

2) Tax the 1%

3) Regulate Wall Street

4) De-Privatize all Military Contracting Corps. Americans will not inflict war to generate private sector profits

5) Reform Environmental Laws & Regulations to support a sustainable human society in harmony with the environment

6) Reform & Regulate the Medical, Health, & Pharmaceutical Industries to focus on prevention & optimal health

7) In our efforts to reach sustainable energy we need to include a focus on independent energy generation & mobility for each individual.

8) Education reforms: New info on compassion & stress management, peaceful coexistence & appreciation for diversity

9) Grants, low interest loans & tax abatement for Co. whose products/services meet criteria for benefiting humanity

10) Grow International Relations b/t Americans & people of other countries using festivals to share cultures & ideas

1 comment:

@Peta_de_Aztlan said...

Appreciate your sharing. We need to look beyond reforms now. The whole system needs to be torn down from the bottom up.

Global liberation is the ultimate solution by any means necessary, though while we are able to, we need to exhaust all legal peaceful means. Namaste, @Peta_de_Aztlan